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Helix Workshop

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The course is intended for solution architects with a solid understanding of architectural principals. Those familiar with agile principles and design patterns.

Sitecore Certified Developer recommended
Experience implementing Sitecore Projects preferred
Minimum 3 years’ commercial development experience

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Learn Sitecore Helix, the official recommended practices and guidelines from Sitecore, that enables you to implement Sitecore solutions that are both easy to maintain and highly flexible – thus helps ensure the longevity of your Sitecore solution.

The workshop delivers in-depth knowledge of the principles, conventions and guidelines which cover solution architecture, development recommended practices, DevOps strategies and more.

During the workshop participants, will perform exercises that will give hands-on experience which can be directly applied in real Sitecore solutions.

Sitecore Helix is based on years of community input and experience in building Sitecore solutions. The workshop teaches you the product of these experiences so you do not have to make them yourself.  The workshop is recommended for all professionals working with Sitecore development that have passed the Sitecore developer certification.

The workshop requires Habitat to be pre-installed on your laptop before the start date. The installation instructions will be sent a week in advance.


Laptop Required

Please bring your own laptop to the workshop with a valid Sitecore license for the exercises.

The Habitat installation guide will follow in the reminder email.

The following should also be installed on the laptop: