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Email eXperience Management Workshop

Developing email strategies

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The course is intended for Marketers that want to utilize the email capabilities of Sitecore.

Anyone attending this workshop should have participated in Sitecore’s Web Experience Management & Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals courses.
An acceptable alternative prerequisite for delegates is having a strong practical Sitecore and Digital Marketing experience.
For other Sitecore Business User and Marketer courses proceed to this page.
By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
  • Define an email campaign strategy based on business requirements
  • Create an email content strategy
  • Design emails based on Sitecore templates
  • Incorporate personalization and automation
  • Understand Sitecore analytics for building a strong ROI case
  • List Management
  • Market overview
  • Content Strategy
  • Email creation and editing in Sitecore
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization of content
  • Delivery
  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Data extraction